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As the Covid-19 pandemic has clearly shown us, tourism has a direct impact on conservation and communities. The benefits of the physical presence of visitors, in addition to their crucial revenue spend, is critical to the protection of natural areas that are home to unique flora and fauna.  

Our aim is to encourage travellers to visit vulnerable areas – areas that need conservation help, habitat and biodiversity protection and community support. 


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From the creators of Serengeti Show Live, a new conservation video series featuring the Tanzania North-Eastern Circuit.  Using a similar format, of highly visual videography, and stunning scenes, your Serengeti Show Live hosts return with some new faces for the next CONSERVATION series.

They will attempt to conquer Kilimanjaro, embrace high altitudes, cycle through villages, camp in the wild, watch rhinos, canoe with wildlife, marvel at sunrises and snorkel the reefs of the Indian Ocean as they journey from the snow-capped peaks at the highest point in Africa to the tropical white sand beaches with turquoise seas of the mainland coast.   Throughout the series, your hosts will educate on the conservation challenges and the importance of responsible tourism.  The team will bring the natural world to global screens as they showcase the North-Eastern Circuit of Tanzania.


Mt Kilimanjaro

Mkomazi National Park

Tanga Coastline

Usambara Mountains

Kili to Coast Location Team

Carel Verhoef

Host, Camera, Producer

Cuthbert Swai

Host, Mountaineer

Sally Grierson

Producer, Sponsorship, Data

Zebadia Mmbando

Logistics Manager, Sound

Alex Malkiady


Paul Sweet

Host, Birding

Emanuel Finckenstein

Camera, Editing

Constantin Bjerke

Executive Producer

We pursue our passion for conservation.

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The team will film their attempt to conquer Kilimanjaro, embrace high altitudes, cycle through villages, camp in the wild, watch rhinos, canoe with wildlife, marvel at sunrises and snorkel the reefs of the Indian Ocean. The team will take you on a journey from the snow-capped peaks at the highest point in Africa to the tropical white sand beaches of the Tanzania mainland coast, stopping for a wilderness safari at Mkomazi NP. Your visit can protect these birds, animals, habitat and biodiversity for future generations.


A 30-epsiode wildlife show from the Serengeti – filmed during lockdown of 2020, we call this the Covid-19 series. The team captured incredible scenes from the famous National Park, with incredible wildlife footage. Each episode included a Migration Update, updating on the whereabouts of the wildebeest herds of the great migration. Kids corner, was a fun and educational segment for our future conservationists. Catch all the episodes on You Tube, then come and see the Serengeti and the great migration when you can.


East Africa’s mountains need visitors to protect them and their diversity. We collected a random team of adventurers and headed off an expedition that hadn’t ever been done. 7 of Africa’s highest peaks were conquered in 7 weeks over 5 countries in 2017. In 2018, a smaller team of mountaineers took on 10 peaks in just 4 weeks, with a successful summit of Mawenzi peak. From 2018 until the outbreak if the pandemic, visitor numbers were increasing to the Rwenzori Mountains, were up on Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro.


Meet our Kilimanjaro to Coast Partners, Sponsors and Supporters


Important projects in our company history.


The world’s first live web broadcast of the great wildebeest migration from the Masai Mara, Kenya. Host: Carel Verhoef. 29 September – 5 October 2015


Experience a Kenyan Safari from the bush to the beach. Mara Conservancy & Kenya’s Coast. 7-18 January 2016.


The first attempt to climb 7 of Africa’s highest peaks, in 5 countries in East Africa with a small team of adventurers.


This expedition saw the team attempt 10 of Africa’s highest peaks in just 4 short weeks, including the successful summit of Mawenzi Peak.


A safari series on YouTube, taking the visitor on daily game drives, following the migration and entertaining the kids.


Next Up! The Kilimanjaro to Coast Series, filmed from Feb – April 2021. Release date June 2021. Another episodical vonservation series in Tanzania

Free to watch but not produce! How you can help

If you enjoy watching any of our programmes or videos, we welcome any contributions towards the cost of production. These expeditions are made possible with the help of our sponsors and support from our tourism industry partners. The expedition members are volunteers and filming equipment and gear is our own- self-funded or rented.  There are unavoidable physical costs for the project which include pre and post production, gear (Camera equipment, data storage, data, sound equipment and batteries, editorial equipment etc), and all purpose costs of diesel, fuel, food & beverages, water and communications. 

Partner up and be part of the conservation solution. How business can help

We encourage and welcome support from our tourism industry colleagues – tour operators, international travel agents, DMC’s, Kilimanjaro trekking companies, safari outfitters, accommodation establishments, transport providers and online travel agents selling Tanzania and East Africa.  We are grateful to the affiliated businesses who supply products & services to the tourism industry – food & beverage, vehicles, tyres, fuel, canvas, camp & hotel equipment, finance, insurance, banking, marketing, design and PR services.

CONTACT US to be part of the solution and gain exposure for your business: sponsorship or cash donations, product or logistics support, content sharing and marketing.

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